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Let us find you a good job in Germany !
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German companies urgently need qualified workers and will need them ecen more in the next years. Our mission is to find as much as qualified workers for "our" partner-companies. No matter if you are a student, a pupil or a professional.


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Let us help yout to take the first steps into a foreign country. Germany is very open-minded for new people around the world. Right here you can check some integration-offers.


your steps to germany

Germany is one of the EU countries with the lowest unemployment rates. There are two main reasons why the situation for qualified workers looks set to stay favourable: German companies are highly competitive and they need ever larger numbers of highly trained employees. Against the backdrop of demographic change, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to find well-trained staff. As a result, the German labour market offers excellent opportunities for trained workers, even from abroad.


Working in Germany

Looking for new professional challenges? We can show you in which fields of work international experts like you are being sought after in Germany. Find out about current job offers and the possibilities for working in Germany that are open to you. We provide tips for getting off to a good start in Germany and an overview of the most important sectors in the land of high technology.


The German labour market offers worthwhile career opportunities for qualified professionals. Here, we show you how to go about finding your new job. You can look for suitable advertisements in daily and weekly newspapers on your own – or simply apply to the company of your choice spontaneously. But if you would like some personal advice, contact us.

Visa application

Okay, there are more exciting things about moving to Germany than doing the administrative rounds. But look at it this way: it won’t be long now before you're in Germany working on interesting projects, sitting in a park or rambling in the Black Forest with your family. Your visa application is the first major step towards achieving this. You’ll be surprised at how attractive the immigration regulations are in Germany.

Moving in

Welcome to Germany! What you need now for you and your family to feel really at home is appropriate accommodation. We explain all you need to know about finding somewhere to live and move in.

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